Welcome to the official website of Kai and Saya Sakakibara 


’50% Japanese, 50% British, 100% Australian’


Kai and Saya Sakakibara are collectively, Elite Australian National Champions, Oceanic Continental Champions, World Championships and World Cup finalists, and have placed their mark in international sporting world. Aside from the accolades and most importantly Kai and Saya are united by their blood and an incredible team. Up next for Saya is the 2021 Tokyo Olympics where she will take on the world head first. 


Off the BMX track, their sibling dynamic is like no other. Their personality similarities and contrasts are the perfect combination as they push each other to become the best athletes in their perspective fields. Kai in the Men’s and Saya in the Women’s.

They are the leading elite BMX athletes in Australia and are respected role models for younger generations all over the world as athletes, business people and the leading advocates for BMX racing. The duo gains a lot of fulfilment from their time spent with the juniors of the sport and watching the participation rates growing off the back of the engagement activities they put in place with local communities. 


Kai and Saya’s half Japanese background has sparked interest from a wide audience in Japan, and have collectively played their part in raising the profile of BMX racing in the country. They are recognised for their unique sibling flow as well as their individual drive and passion to better themselves as athletes. Throughout each and every day the Sakakibara's are connected to their Japanese heritage and it is a big part of their lives, culturally.